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Just a few freqently asked questions about my website!

Q - Will the website appeal to T-girls or is it for admirers only?

A - My website is produced very much with the T-girl in mind! Remember I am a T-Girl
as well & I build my site around my interests & fantasies.I have found that sooo many girls
interests parallel mine very closely!
And with the T - Girl zone, roleplay & stories there is plenty to spark a girls interest!
Of course admirers are very welcome & there are many picture galleries
that are continuing to be expanded!

Q- Can I join for one month only?

A- Yes all you need to do is send an email to CC Bill or Verotel (depending on who oyu joined with)
Sometime during the first month
to cancell your membership & no further charges will be added to your account. At Present
about 55% or people that join are staying on as members & I am very pleased with this statistic
as it means a lot of people are enjoying my website!

Q- Who maintains your website for you??

A- I do! after having a lot off trouble finding anyone willing to build it for me
In a style I liked & for a reasonable price, I decided to learn some HTML & do it
myself! It has turned out to be the best decision as I now have full creative control
& can constantly find ways to improve the site as my skills develop!

Q- Does Nicci take Hormones?

A - No She is 100% TV!!

Q - Is there any rewards for loyalty?

A - Yes! when you reach 6months membership & the loyalty
reward will then apply, Monthly membership will then reduce to $9.49USD
(CCbill clients)

I will add more questions as they arise! ;o)